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Me, Earth Day and Asheville, NC…


Talk about two things I never, ever thought would be used in the same sentence “me” and “Earth Day.”

I am as for saving the planet as most “average” Americans should be, but the idea of me at an Earth Day rally was, up until yesterday, was simply an incomprehensible.  I recycle a bit, mostly beer bottles, but it’s a start.  I do not litter.  I buy recycled goods, and I work for a company that has received many awards for its recycling efforts and green products. 
The aforementioned notwithstanding, I won’t ever be known as a tree hugger, and for sure won’t be joining the Sierra Club anytime soon.

This brings me to yesterday’s adventures in Asheville, NC.  We chose this place to visit for a couple of reasons.  Asheville is the home of the Biltmore Estate, known as America’s largest single-family home, and I wanted The Nancy to see it.  The second reason was to enjoy some locally brewed beverages.  We did both.

The Biltmore is very impressive.  It is unbelievably large, something like 2.4 million cubic feet, 325 feet long, four stories, nestled in the middle of 8000 acres (originally 125,000 acres).  It was well worth the $140.00 we paid to visit it, and the $100+ we spent for lunch and other junk to take home with us.  The beer has been pretty good, as well.

We heard Friday evening when we first got here there was to be an Earth Day rally at a downtown park on Saturday.  My initial thought was no interest, as was my second thought; however, after leaving the Biltmore at 4:30 with plenty of time to kill, The Nancy made the decision that I decided to go see what an Earth Day rally is all about.  My level of excitement peaked at the very moment I saw the Earth Day people.

I think I may have been the only Republican in the crowd, and it made me feel like a rat turd in a sugar bowl.  I was so out of place in this hippie-like crowd with its hundreds and hundreds miles of dreadlocks and a thousand hairy legged women.  We saw two women breastfeeding children that looked old enough to be in school.  I didn’t see any pot smoking, but it was still early.  Once the music started people were on there feet dancing as if they were possessed.  I was weirded out very quickly as The Nancy and I walked around the park, and I knew I had to make a rapid but courteous exit. 

Luckily a sign on the side of a building at the edge of the park caught my eye.  Pack’s Tavern was the perfect life boat for my rescue.  If I counted correctly there were eighteen taps on the wall behind the bar where The Nancy and I rested our weary butts.  We could still hear the music emanating from the park and the tavern was filled with a crowd of varying degrees of weirdness, but I blocked a lot of them out as I enjoyed more than one chilled beverages.

One of the reasons The Nancy and I choose to sit at the bar when we dine out is so we can meet people.  Pack’s was no different.  We met some really nice folks, some with dreads and some without, some older people and some very young ones.  With or without dreadlocks, with or without hairy legs, people still are people.  They all have a purpose for being here, a covenant they made with God, though they might not realize it.

My mother always reminded me to “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”  So I will shut up now, but I will have to admit I am glad The Nancy made the decision that I decided to visit the park.

And that is all I have to say about that…       

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