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Me, Normal?...


A friend on Facebook posted “I just want to be normal,” causing me to wonder what she was really saying.  Normal has about as many degrees as a thermometer, unless there is some mental health issue present. I think she is saying, deep down, what she truly wants to be is happy, and that is the easy part…it is nothing more than attitude.

Whenever I hear people talking their “situation,” be it normalcy or happiness or whatever they use to describe their state of mind, I immediately think back to my dear departed mother.  She and my dad lived an abundant life.  Were they rich?  Hell no!  My dad retired in 1967 and later told me the highest salary he ever earned was $7500.00 a year.  What surprised me about his earnings was the simple fact to me - and my four siblings – is that we never lacked for anything, never went hungry, had a warm, comfortable home and lived a pretty nice life.

These were simple people, living a simple life.  My mother thought she was in Heaven if she had a Filet-o-Fish, and order or fries and a cup of coffee at McDonald’s.  Dad just always seemed to be happy just to be with my mother.  This was their normal, their happiness.

Three and a half years ago a sister-in-law passed away after five years of battling melanoma.  She was a truly amazing woman and an inspiration to us all.  Never a complaint, she made the absolute best of an untenable situation, and though life through her curveballs she never lost her smile or her sense of humor.  She knew how to live, she was normal, and I believe to the very end of her life she was happy.

I commented on my friend’s post that she first needed to define normal and that I bet she is more normal than she thinks.  She really needs to define what makes her happy or what she thinks will make her happy, and then declare that happiness for herself.  Perhaps I need to call her and talk to her about the philosophy of The Best Day Ever?

Each of us has a choice in this, we can live it happy and normal or we can go wanting and searching all of our lives.  I choose happy.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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