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Moving Forward…


That old saying “Life Goes On” hit home recently when The Nancy and I purchased another property. Another house, that is, and it may well be our last one. I ain’t getting any younger.

When I retired I had hope the day would come, after The Nancy retired, we might consider moving south and away from harsh winter weather. Nope! Instead “we” decided to move closer to The Nancy’s childhood home and four of the six grandchildren. She wanted to be closer to the grandchildren who never visit with us unless we are buying, but I digress. Decision made, we bought a duplex, a place where we pay a monthly fee and someone else handles the outdoor maintenance. Sweet! All we need to do is move in and get older. I like it.

Once we sell The Farm we can pay off the mortgage on the new house and maybe, just maybe, think about a small condo, as in one bedroom, in a warmer part of the country for a snowless winter getaway.  Another sweet!

I am looking forward to getting older in the new place, not that 74 isn’t old, but maybe 8-10 years from now when I begin to get a little unsteady with age, I can do it more gracefully and not hurt myself on a riding lawnmower or using a chainsaw.

Completing this move cannot come soon enough for me.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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