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My Big Deck


When my ex and I had a house built in Richmond, Virginia in 1983 I got a deck.  My deck wasn’t as big as I wanted it to be, so a short while after we moved into this house, I enlarged it.  My deck was nice and big then.  It was a deck on which many a good time was had.

As time passed I moved a couple of times, but in place after place my deck got smaller and smaller.  When I got to the first house I lived in here in West Virginia, my deck was the smallest I had ever had: my deck had shrunk to almost nothing. Neighbors referred to me as “the guy with the little deck,” and it was hurtful.  My deck was so small we could not even party on it.

The Nancy and I built a house in 2002 and I got my bigger deck, once again.  This house backed up to a golf course, the 16th hole to be exact.  At that house I know The Nancy took a great deal of pride in it when she sat on my deck and watched beautiful sunsets.  I was okay with it, but dreamed of having a really big deck, one you could really party down on.

The dream has become a reality.  This Hell of a Guy is happy again.  I have a crew erecting a huge deck for me, though a slow process, it’s one I know I will be proud of for a very long time and never embarrassed for people to see.  I just cannot wait to show it to all my friends.  I just hope they will come and see it when it is fully erected.  This will be The Best Deck Ever!!!


And that is all I have to say about that…

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the area around your big deck is sparsely populated with foliage.  Pre-puberty affliction I guess.

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