Hell of a Guy

My Definition of a Good Day


Ever hear the question, “Are you having a good day?”  Well, if you are a Hell of a Guy, everyday is a good one.  It all depends on how you define it.

A good day for me is any one where no one hits me and I don’t throw up.  That doesn’t leave many to go south on me.  Since I adopted this definition a couple of years ago, I have not had a single bad day, as in “any.”  Now there have been some, and I would be lying if I denied it, that have not gone as well as I would have created them, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and enjoy a not-so-good day.

The Nancy has heard me say if someone has a cold they might as well enjoy it.  We don’t get the damn things that often.  Why not sit back and enjoy the extra attention we get, and wallow in our misery?  Think about this for just a second: over a lifetime how often is the average human being actually miserable…really miserable, a couple days a year, maybe 10? or 15?  For most of us it is not that often.  So enjoy it when it happens!!!  Sometimes you just gotta say “what the f…!”

If you read my last post you know I get upset with people who want to drag me into their misery.  I say screw ‘em!  They created it.  They are responsible for it.  Let them enjoy it to the hilt.  I get to enjoy my own when I choose to.

Next time someone wants to drag you into their misery, tell them “No Thanks.”  Perhaps you should just grab them and hold them close in a bear hug and tell them “Thanks for sharing.  I hope it gets better for you.  Bye!”

I feel good today.  I knew I would when I got up this morning.  I have a very sneaky suspicion I will feel the same way tomorrow.  I think I am going to find someone to hug tonight here in Omaha, Nebraska.

And that’s all I have to say about that…

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