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My Definition of a Good Day and Today’s Test


The title of this piece kind of says it all, but I’ll expound any way.  It’s a follow up to the piece I posted yesterday.  This hour finds me sitting in Terminal B of the Cincinnati Airport (which is actually in Kentucky) when I should have been waiting for my bag having just arrived in Baltimore and just in front of my two hour drive to Beautiful Downtown Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, population 711.  Instead, Delta Airlines summarily decided that I needed to spend an extra five hours roaming the terminals and enjoying this facility.

I arrived in Cincinnati on a flight from Omaha and was to have an hour or so layover.  At some point Delta, for whatever reason – that was never disclosed to me – switched the aircraft I was to fly on from a 70 passenger to a 50 passenger.  Yours Truly, along with 20 others, was told there was no seat for me to occupy and therefore I was not allowed to board the aircraft.  This did not make me happy.

Having just written not having bad days, I had to make a very quick shift.  I did.  I allowed myself three minutes to give Delta a chewing out and a verbal finger, and then I let it go.  There was no use in beating this drum any longer; it is what it is.  I practiced what I proselytized.  I have put it behind me.

I had to chuckle a couple of times because I know the Delta folks – they were thoroughly embarrassed by this issue – wanted so badly to change my ticket, give me a very generous coupon for my dinner worth an astounding $7.50, my coupon worth $400 (Delta Dollars) so sometime when I have completely lost my mind, I will book another flight on Delta.  The people behind the service counter couldn’t get it all to print, and it took them about twenty minutes to get me out of their faces.  I hadn’t so much as said another word, and I think it totally baffled them…they wanted me to be an asshole.  It would have made them feel better.  I did very nicely thank them for their assistance.

Allowing oneself to be upset is not profitable.  Allowing oneself to stew over stupid little things is absurd.  All in all, it’s been a pretty good day.

And that is all I have to say about that…   

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