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My Flight to Seattle - January 22nd


Another day, another flight, or so it seems.  This one is propelling me at 450 miles per hour toward Seattle, Washington and the “opportunity” to listen to about a dozen poor souls beg for the chance to work for my company.  I get to play a part in their future, yea or nay!  It is an awesome responsibility of which I have never given much thought.  I’ll have to dwell on this one for a moment.

In the meantime, here I am again thousands of feet above the earth’s surface, which at this time is hidden beneath a sea of rolling clouds.  This Airbus 320, kept aloft by the science of Bernoulli’s Principle…it’s the air passing over the wings that allows this overweight boat to stay air born, aided by the pressure of the air passing beneath it.  The whole concept is really quite simple; right?

It was dark and dreary at ground level, while up here – I ‘m paying little attention to the bumps caused by occasional unstable air – the air is crisp and clean and oh so very clear.  The god of flight has seen to it the middle seat in this row remained unused, especially when the others are all occupied.  Not sure if this is luck or if I created it.

Create?  I am taking credit for the Colts making it to the Super Bowl.  I told The Nancy early on in the game that an interception would advance the Colts.  I also saw the Colts scoring twenty-one quick points.  Your appreciation is all that I need.  Please, do not send money.

Okay, I thought about it.  Tomorrow at 8am our first victim…I mean candidate, will walk through the door to the room in which the interviews will be conducted.  Almost before the candidate says a word, half our decision will be made.  Who says appearance and bearing don’t matter on the job?  It means much more than any of us ever realize.  It’s one reason we all need to dress for success and purport ourselves, always, as professionals, regardless of what kind of jobs we have.

That’s easy for me to say.  I work in a one man office and see no one for days and sometimes weeks at a time.  I get to create a mental picture to those who call me that I am dressed in my best and finest professional attire – Armani, etc – just by how they perceive my voice over the phone.  Think, for second, how you visualized the people doing telemarketing looked as you spoke to them during your supper or as you watched your favorite TV shows?  . 

These folks coming to see me tomorrow are nervous and jumpy.  They all know they will try to BS me into believing the person on the resume is actually the one sitting across from me.  One thing I have learned in the process of interviewing hundreds of people over the past twenty-one years is that they will lie at the drop of a hat during the interview, especially sales types.  One just has to weed through the superfluous adornments and get down to the nitty-gritty.  There have been times when I fell for the lies, when someone put it over on me, when I got suckered.  Mistakes happen in hiring.  Hopefully, this time will be the norm and not the exception.  I have made mistakes, but not many.  A number of the people I have hired are still with the company.  A few have even gone on to be promoted.  I am proud of that.

So here I am, 35,000 feet above the earth, seemingly floating to Seattle, where I will have a profound affect on someone’s life.  Who would have ever thought it?

And that is all I have to say about that…

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