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Odds and The End…


I am thinking, and that has from time to time gotten me in a bit of trouble.  This thinking probably will not, but time will tell.

Odd: Since January 3rd I have dropped almost thirty pounds.  Yesterday morning as I was having yogurt and a banana for my breakfast at the Hampton Inn were I was staying in Columbus, Ohio, I realized since beginning my diet I am acutely aware of what other people put on their plates.  One thing stands out, thin people and those who are overweight eat differently.  This is not a judgment, it is merely an observation.  The people who need to lose weight the most eat a hell of a lot more than those who do not. And that is a profundity. 

Odd: When one is dieting one also observes there are a lot of people who need to be on a diet, but quite obviously are not and probably won’t be any time soon.

Odd: When one is dieting, one notices the ever growing number of overweight kids.

Odd: Thin people look so much better in their clothes and even seem to dress better.

Odd:  Stores seemingly have a greater offering of skinny sizes, but the ratio of shoppers does not square in that direction.

Odd: The loss of waistline is in direct proportion to an increase in vanity and the love of mirrors.

Odd: It is harder to keep it off than it is to put it back on.

The End:  And that is all I have to say about that…

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Did you get that book yet?

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I am ready for another dissertation.

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