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Old Friends and a Weekend Retreat…


Friday, May 18th…This blog seems to have turned into sort of a travel log, and that has never been my intention, but once again here’s the beginning of another piece on the travel and travails of the Hell of a Guy.

This very gray, cool morning finds me sitting at the airport in Charleston, West Virginia awaiting a flight that will eventually carry me Little Rock, Arkansas, and a final destination just outside of Hot Springs, the Brady Mountain Resort.  I am due to board the plane in about thirty minutes and I had a brilliant thought; it being, to kill the time writing of my thoughts about the trip I am to make.

The Nancy and I spent the last three days at a conference in Charleston.  She has a function she must attend at home, so I am making this trip like a big boy…all by myself.

I will be spending the weekend with some of my Millennium friends, and this will be our second reunion since completing the Millennium Workshops in Dallas back in April 2005.  I won’t go into what the program is about or how awesomely thankful I am for my daughter sharing it with The Nancy and The Nancy with me.  The website address, just in case you should have an interest in learning how to live with zest is http://www.millennium3education.com  Chec.k it out?

I am very excited to see these folks with whom I shared so much for months of our lives.  This weekend has been planned for many months and much of what will happen when we are all together will be completely unscripted, as it should be.  We know nothing of the accommodations other than the approximate location.  If fact, all we do know is that we will be in cabins near a big lake.

More to follow…

Monday, May 21, 2007:  This time finds me on a Delta jet about the size of a couple of Volkswagens.  I am jammed in a seat by a window, and oh so fortunately for me, the seat on the aisle is vacant.  I have room to stretch and this will allow me the requisite room needed to type using my three-finger method of speed typing – one in which I have trained just a few of my fat digits to nimbly work.  Actually, three fingers for the lettered keys, my thumbs for the space bar, and one to hit the delete button as my not-so-smart fingers constantly hit the wrong keys (my fingers do not move as fast as my eyes and the impulse to strike the keys fires a little too quickly).  Anyway, my afterthoughts are next.

Some of us drove and some of us flew into Little Rock and then drove rental cars through Hot Springs to our final destination.  The Brady Mountain Resort will not win any awards for luxury.  While two of the cabins were okay – one a little more than the other, my cabin appeared to have been constructed prior to the Birth of Jesus.  It was truly barely livable, but I managed.  It may have been constructed by Abe Lincoln.  Mine was a duplex cabin with the other side occupied by my best buddy and his wife.  Two guys stayed a one of the newer cabins, but not the best cabin.  Four of our ladies got the Taj Mahal cabin…well, not quite that good, but compared to the duplex, it was nearly heaven.  This was the closest I ever hope to come to camping.

The Brady Mountain Resort was the perfect venue for this reunion.  Its lack of conveniences and amenities, you know, creature comforts (TV’s that worked, though we wouldn’t have watched them, would have been nice).  Not having TV or cell phone service and other attractions or distractions, allowed us many hours of face-to-face gatherings.  We were able to reacquaint, catch up, tease, hug and coach each other.  We did nearly everything as a group, most of the time and it was nothing short of perfect.  We are already planning a weekend in 2008 – this one, hopefully, to take place on a farm near Beautiful Downtown Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, aka The Town of Bath, population 711.     

The, for want of a better descriptor, “resort” left a lot to be desired, but the nearby Lake Ouachita that stretches nearly twenty-five miles in overall length throughout rolling countryside left us awestruck.  The sunsets were incredible and the weather was perfect.  The lack of amenities did not detract from our purpose for being there, which was nothing more to recapture a moment from two years ago when we parted one April 4th.  The time flew by, but I think we all came away with renewed spirit and our love for each other has reached a new plateau.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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