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Prolonging Christmas…


Back in the Dark ages when I was just a little kid the Christmas Season did not last as nearly long as it does today.  For one thing, stores didn’t even advertise Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving, and I sure as hell know my folks didn’t even think about Christmas gifts for a couple of weeks past it.  Christmas decorations were never seen before the first day of December.  Those were the “Good Old” days.

At our house on Valley View Avenue in Baltimore, Santa not only brought all the presents, but he even brought and decorated the Christmas tree after we kids went to bed on Christmas Eve.  The tree, having outlasted its welcome, was undecorated just a day or two after the New Year’s celebration, which did not include the kids in my house staying up to welcome it in.  As we all began to get a little older and in our post-Santa years, the tree tended to go up a few days before Christmas but never was it up more than ten days from the first to the last. 

My first wife and I stretched the Season a little with our tree going up about a week or so before Christmas and kept it up for a week or so after.  The Nancy and I have had this year’s edition up since the 9th and we are both ready to take the thing down and box it all up until December 2010.  Our tree is a fraud, a fake, an imposter that we purchased at Walmart.  We gave up on live (or semi-dead) trees a couple of years ago – way too much of the tree ended up on the floor as they dried out because I failed to remember to put water in the stand, and The Nancy would not stoop that low – no pun intended.

I love the Christmas Season and kind of hate for it to end (the tree is just a small part of it).  These days with grandchildren 150 miles west and 150 miles southeast, we manipulate the season so we can visit one group on Christmas and the other for New Year’s Day, there by stretching the Season and our enjoyment.  There were some years when we would travel from the home one group to visit with the other 250 miles away on Christmas Day with a gourmet Chinese meal in the middle.  The trip took its toll on us, and neither The Nancy nor I miss it, though we always immensely enjoyed doing it.  It is a wonderful memory that will be with us the rest of our lives. 

We are just about ready to load up the car for Phase 2 of our Holiday travels where we can heap more Christmas junk on the two younger grandchildren.  This time we get to celebrate Christmas, the New Year and a couple of birthdays all in one weekend. 

Sometime this week we will pack up all the decorations as our synthetic Christmas tree comes down, and just about the time I apply the tape to seal the boxes and carry them to storage, knowing how quickly time flies these days, it will be almost time to get them out again and start the process all over again.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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