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I have had an opportunity the past few days to listen to Fox News and ABC News programs on the radio as I drive from one place to another.  Both stations are constantly beaming programs dealing with the Middle East conflict, war in Iraq and Iran crap.  Of course having just observed the anniversary of 9-11, all of this kind of rolled around in my head for while.

Newt Gingrich says he believes this is the beginning of World War III, and I tend to agree with him.  These terrorist incursions are happening all over the world.  And it ain’t going away.  These wackos have been at odds with the world for as long as there have been Muslims and Jews.  We are placed in the middle of the conflict solely because as a nation we support Israel.  These extremists are hell bent on annihilating Israel and extinguishing it from the face of the earth.  Their ultimate goal is world domination and a fundamentalist Muslin doctrine ruling over all the people of it.  It’s their way or death, and it’s that simple.

The question that comes to my simple mind is this:  “Does God condone the murder of innocent human beings?”  The Bible simply says; “Thou shalt not kill.”  So, those of you who believe the Bible is God’s Word, there ain’t no way in hell the God of “The” Bible will forgive anyone of this sin. 

Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Muslims and probably every other religion that exists on this planet has at some point in the name of God caused the murder of innocent human beings.  God, if you are truly a person of faith, cannot be a participant in murder, and those who murder in the name of God will rot in hell for eternity.  If you believe God’s Law is contained in the Ten Commandments, then you know where these terrorists will end up (and without the promised virgins). 

As I thought about this, an immediate personal conflict surfaced.  I have always been very much in favor of the death penalty.  I have supported it up to now.  Now I am conflicted.  I can no longer support the death penalty as a means of exacting justice.  I also know I will have to work at this and remind myself of my new take on it.

These little realizations and epiphanies I am having may cause me to lose sleep.  I found “my” God just two years ago after a very long search for any existence of a higher being of any form.  I am against abortion, but will not interfere with a woman’s decision to have it and don’t believe any man should.  A little over eleven years ago I gave up eating animal flesh of any sort.  If I stop wearing leather will someone please shoot me?  If I join PETA have me committed, please?  My politics are changing.  I have recently decided being a Republican does not fit my political views, and I sure as hell won’t become a Democrat.  Neither party has a plan, both just get off trying to jab the other.  Both parties talk about what they will do for the country.  They speak of improving education and our schools.  Neither party has ever done anything but give education lip service.  If elected, you can expect politics as usual from whichever party is in control of the federal government.  Only the rhetoric changes, both parties are more than useless.  Now, with that said, if I vote for Hillary somebody, please, shoot me, again? 

A side note: I think Yann Martel’s book “Life of Pi” should be required reading for everyone on the planet.  Check it out.  It is the story of a Jewish, Muslim kid who becomes a Christian but practices all three religions, and later on it serves him well.  Good story.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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Dearest Father,
You have my promise to shoot if I see Peta or if you vote for Hillary.  Of course, I might have some reasons of my own to shoot as well. But that is a discussion for another day.

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