Hell of a Guy

Retirement, Football and Politics…


These topics are presently rolling around in my petite cerebral mass and need to get out before they give me a headache (is petite cerebral mass an oxymoron?).

Let’s hit on retirement first?  The jury is still out on the retirement thingy.  I can say unequivocally I will not be going back to work, unless finances should ever require it, but I can also say without pause this retirement thing is not totally what I expected.  Having said this, I need to explain my thinking.  I should have put off my retirement date until the spring.  At this time of the year I am trapped inside, and while there are things to do inside, I am not truly motivated to do them, and a guy can only play computer games so many times, read so many books, watch so much TV and sit on his ass for so long.  Bottom line, I am bored.

My boredom will pass in about two months as the birth of a new spring materializes.  I have already begun planning my garden.  Very shortly my favorite power equipment company will pick up The Tank – my zero-turn mower – and get it ready for grass mowing season, a sure sign of the approaching spring.  I have a list of outdoor projects I want to complete and am longing for warmer weather to arrive so I can start them.  Knowing I am fully responsible for what happens to me in my life, I fully accept responsibility for my state of mind.  I am the dumbass in this.

Football?  The Nancy is the real football fan in this house, I am not.  I can watch it and enjoy it.  I can root for the home team – The West Virginia Mountaineers – as avid fans do, but my football interests can also be more than gratified just reading the results of the game in the morning paper. The Nancy can watch any game at any time, college or professional. 

Today there are two football games scheduled to broadcast; The Nancy and I will be firmly planted in our designated spots in our family room watching both.  Well, the TV will be on as the games being played.  The Nancy will have her iPad on and I will have this laptop in my lap, and both of us will look up as the ball is hiked.  Neither will have a horse in the race, the outcome matters not.  Thank God the football season will be over in to weeks.

And then there is politics, and that is a different story.  I am interested, The Nancy is not.  Some of you who read this are Republicans, others are Democrats.  I am not really sure what I am – Republican or Libertarian, but I sure as hell will never be recognized as a Democrat.

I do not agree with the Republican stance on abortion.  Personally, I am against terminating the life of a child, but will not, would not impose on a woman’s right to determine what is best for her.  I believe we need strict gun controls laws in this country.  I wholeheartedly believe labor unions have outlived their usefulness and are driving jobs out of the country.  I believe the right to vote should be given to those who have some skin in the game; if you pay no taxes you do not get to vote.  I believe everyone should pay their “fair share,” but I do not believe someone with a high income should pay a greater percentage than someone with a lesser one.  What the hell is a fair share anyway?  And then there is all this crap about corporate greed.  Somewhere along the line people seem to have forgotten the purpose of a corporation.  Very simply the purpose is to make money, but within the law.  As long as the profit is made legally, shut the hell up.  Lastly, I believe this current Administration is out of touch and ruining our way of life and they need to go. 

There, I have said it and I feel better.  It is off my chest and I am lighter for it.  Now I can go about the rest of the day and do my stuff…or not.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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