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Roger Ebert and Me…


My daughter sent me blog post written by Roger Ebert and his thoughts on the existence of God.  I read it with mounting interest; it was almost like reading something as if I had written it about my thoughts. I could so relate to his questions about God and what God is about.  Ebert was raised Catholic and I was as a Methodist. 

I was raised on the church doctrine.  My mother’s father was a Methodist preacher, as was her maternal grandfather. About the time I became a teenager I began to find the stories in the Bible to be mostly sensational, hard to believe, fairy tales.  I questioned God from the time I was very young and waivered on agnosticism/atheism for about 45 years. While at Millennium3 Education in Dallas for a workshop in 2004 I had an overwhelming sense that I was there at that time with that group of people because I was destined to be.  It was there I got the sense of being totally connected to my fellow man (and women), something as I had never experienced before.  It is where the “Universal Presence” and I connected for the first time in my life.

Fast forward two years: Capital Ale House, Richmond, VA on Father’s Day.  My daughter gave me “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch.  I read it in a couple of days.  I was captivated by it.  The book answered every question I ever had about all things God. It is a mixture of philosophy, spirituality, quantum physics and quantum mechanics. Some of it is very far out, but I excused it because it defines a God with whom I am comfortable, one so different than the God of my parents.

I finished the book.  One night as I lay in my bed, Nancy fast asleep, I asked the question in my mind, “God, are you there?”  It got very spooky.  My eyes were closed tightly, but I became very conscious of a blue hue that grew brighter and brighter in just a few seconds, and then as clear as I can hear the people around me I heard, “I am here.”

Chuckle, if you wish, laugh out load, I heard it and I sensed it in every bone in my body.  And since that time I believe I have had my own conversations with God.

Don’t by what I have said here think old dad is suddenly a Born Again anything, nothing could be further from the truth.  But you can count on I believe I am an individuation of a power greater than I am, and I love it.

Has it ever struck you as odd how one day you have a passing thought about someone and later, maybe hours or the next day, you hear from or see that person?  It is because of connectivity of all things.  God, in this sense, is nothing more than the All of the All, the total sum of everything that is - everything I see, touch, sense and imagine.  This realization made for The Best Day Ever.

Walsch describes Jesus and others who attempted to get that message across as God’s masters, who were all ignored. The Dalai Lama may be one of God’s masters. He certainly is ignored by many, and more miss the meaning of his simple message to love one another. God does not control you.  God will not punish you for using the “Free Will” He gave you.  God is simply an observer wanting you to be who you truly are.

Take the time to read the book. Take it all in. It makes no difference to me whether you buy into it or not.  There is life after death as matter cannot be created or destroyed.  So you will be around forever just as you always have been.  It is that it is.  You are an individuation of the All of the All.  And that is the Universal Presence some call God.

My granddaughter taught me a huge lesson about “The Best Day Ever.”  You see, it is all about attitude.  The Nancy and I have spread the word about the The Best Day Ever.  The phrase has had a life of its own and it is growing. Some people look at us strangely when we tell them this is The Best Day Ever.  Just think for a minute how the world might change if everyone declared tomorrow as The Best day Ever.  God has smiled on a little girl in Glen Allen, Virginia, because she gets it.  And, she does.

And is all I have to say about that…

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God has smiled on an ol’ grandpa in West by god Virginia, also -
and this IS the best day ever - with no need for the declaration maybe except to remind some who, if told enough times will understand.
I too share this in greeting people along with; “If I were any better, I’d be David’s twin.”

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