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Scary Moments…


Last Friday I was in Dallas, Texas at the airport waiting to board an American Airlines flight.  At the very same moment my very sick wife was sitting at War Memorial Hospital here in Berkeley Springs awaiting the results of a C-Scan that would determine whether or not she might have to undergo surgery for a colon issue.  Both of us were pretty nervous.

I think the nothing brings out how much you truly love someone more than when that someone is hurting.  Here I was in Texas with the love of my life 1500 miles away and I couldn’t do anything to support her.  I knew I had but minutes before I was to get on the plane and take my seat.  In the meantime The Nancy was pacing at the hospital wishing the doctor would give her a report on the test she had just finished.  Nothing was working in our favor.  The minutes quickly evaporated.  The call to board the plane came and then the instructions to turn off all electronic devices.

It was painful to shut down my phone when the announcement was made to do so.  The flight time from Dallas to Baltimore was to be just under three hours.  Three hours of not knowing what the heck was happening to my best friend.  I immersed myself in the book I was reading, though my mind drifted to The Nancy more times than I could count.  Fortunately, surgery was not imminent, but she was admitted and spent three nights there.
She is home now; the diverticulitis is better but still present, as is her abdominal pain.  The Nancy was on a clear liquid diet while in the hospital and has graduated to just liquids – lots of cream-styled soups.  This may require a change in lifestyle for her and for me, but it is a small price to pay to have her feel better.  She is on the mend and that is all that matters.

Last night we both slept better, in fact, she slept so good she is still enjoying it.  It is after nine and she has not stirred, and I am not going to wake her.  I think she needs this.

This is The Best Day Ever, my Nancy is here.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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