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Sinking Back Into Retirement…


Here I am sitting in the Raleigh, North Carolina Airport waiting to board my flight happily contemplating sinking, better yet, diving back into my ocean of retirement; and I might just have to say my level of excitement is extremely high and growing exponentially.

This is not to say I didn’t enjoy the two months working for my former company.  I enjoyed it immensely and I would do it again, if asked (hopefully that won’t eventuate for a couple of months).  It was a nostalgia trip for me allowing me to create some new relationships, mend some old ones and support the company that supported me for twenty-nine years.  My last foray as a sales representative ended January 31, 1986.  Working as a sales rep is 100% different than working as a sales manager, where there is a lot of pressure from above and below, though most sales reps would surely disagree with my managerial assessment.  Having said this, I should note I really didn’t put in more than twenty hours per week on average…some might say I never did at any time during my entire working life.

Beginning tomorrow it is back to the routine I became accustomed to after my retirement date of November 19, 2011.  That routine begins with making a valiant attempt to remain snuggled under the covers at least until daybreak.  Most assuredly I do not like getting up in the morning to find the mode the same as when I crawled into my bed, especially the mornings of late when the sun rises after 6:30 and my eyes open at 4:30-5.  Frankly, that sucks. Recently, for some inexplicable, one or more of my eyes begins to arouse and make a fuzzy attempt to stare at the clock to see what time it might be (praying all the while it is after six) to find the clock posting the ungodly hour of 3:35…and I hate it, but cannot control it.  Suggestions are welcomed. 

Anyway, with a very welcomed return retirement status I can get back to my “To Do” list, my projects, and my project list has grown over the past two months.  I must admit as a procrastinator extraordinaire my re-employment, as benignly short as it was, did allow me to practice and enhance my skill of putting things off, a skill I honed when I was employed full time, like 40 hours a week. 

So tomorrow I will realign my priorities and get back to work doing the thing I love to do best – nothing.  And doing nothing is the one thing I am truly good at and where my adeptness is at its highest.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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