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Thanksgiving 2008…


Thinking about Thanksgiving, and how quickly this past year has flown by.  All is well on The Farm – just as I have created it, and just as it is meant to be. 

Thanksgiving falls on the same day as it did in 1997, the 27th.  It is the day my dad passed away, and one I certainly will never forget.

This year I have lost family and friends to cancer, heart attacks, and to old age.  I have been to way too many funerals, and received way too few hugs at other events.

I got to share my Millennium experience with just one person, but got to experience it firsthand.  Getting to share this with anyone is always one of the highlights of my year.  To see someone grow, have their life take on new meaning and to learn to love their self for who they really are, is an unbelievable feeling.

The Nancy and I had lots of company at The Farm.  We made new friends and traveled new places.  We have laughed and cried in good times and not so good times.  We celebrated people’s lives, both the living and of those passed, made it to a few parties - birthdays and anniversaries.  We got to see our grandchildren grow another year’s worth, and marvel at how they have grown. 

We have both dropped over 35 pounds and seem to be a lot healthier and happier, if that is indeed possible.

A long time ago I created a contract with myself, a contract for life.  I am a courageous, open connected man.  This is what I am and this I am proud and thankful to be.

One thing I am very thankful for is having each of you as part of my life.  I am very happy, and, at the same time, very lucky, especially if I have brought you one moment of joy.

All in all, it has been one hell of a year for this Hell of a Guy.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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