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Thanksgiving, Again?  Already?


I know I am getting older, well, I am old, and time seemingly goes by more quickly as we age, but good grief, where the hell has 2009 gone?

I love this time of year, though I wish it had arrived a tad more slowly.  I like to think of November and December as Family Months – November being the month for the whole family and December the month for kids.  Thanksgiving and Christmas bring out the best in me.  I get a little giddy with excitement as we get closer to Christmas.

For the past five years The Nancy and I have hosted Thanksgiving at our home for up to twenty-six guests, depending on how the flu season decimates the guest list.  We cook for a week to get our Thanksgiving Feast on the table by 2pm for a meal that takes no longer than thirty minutes from Grace to dessert.  Still, it is an exciting day and very enjoyable.  I love having family here as Thanksgiving on the farm is the best day ever.  Then, before we even have time to get the dishes done it seems, Christmas is upon us like a ninety-mile an hour fastball, with just about time to decorate the tree and write out some checks (we are not good shoppers).

To me, other than the meaning of the Season, Christmas is for the little kids.  I love to see them flash that Christmassy, ear-to-ear smile as they rip the wrapping from one present after another.  It is amazing how many they can open in a mere minute or two, not having looked at any one for more than a few seconds.  They are nothing more than spoiled, little ingrate bastards, but I love them all just the same, especially on Christmas Day.

As a kid my brothers and sisters did not get a lot of Christmas presents under the tree.  My folks just didn’t have the money.  Most years to prolong Christmas morning each of us would open a present while the others looked on.  We maybe had two or three presents for each of us and doing it that way stretched the morning out a little until Dad made a hardy Christmas breakfast of pancakes smothered with thick Karo syrup and savory sausage links – which in my opinion was one of the highlights of the season, but not outdone by the case of six-ounce Coca Colas we always got just at Christmastime. 

Wow!  It is amazing what memories the brain brings forth on a day two days before Thanksgiving 2009 after three beers.  Truly amazing!!

And that is all I have to say about that…

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