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The Bridges of Morgan County


James Robert Waller wrote a book in 1992 with a catchy title something along the lines of the title of this piece.  This one is just a short story without the romance and the sexual innuendo contained in the Waller novelette.  Come to think of it, all his books were long short-stories but heavy in sexual innuendo and romance.  I wish there could be some sexual innuendo in this, but The Nancy says “no sex” in Morgan County.

My little county here in West Virginia is a little less rural and bucolic than it once was.  This was a farming community, and in the old days lots of small farms dotted the Morgan County quilt.  It doesn’t look so much like that these days, but there are some remnants of what once was here.  The bridges in the county, especially those as in the photographs below cause me to wonder what the county was like fifty years ago.  I don’t know what provoked this as a subject, but I thought I would have some fun with it and I did.

One day in June 2008 a crusty old fart – that would be yours truly – decided to capture the essence of this county’s bridges on film (digitally, of course – after all, this is a modern tale).  I traveled the back roads and the front roads looking for bridges.  I photographed a few, not all.  A covered bridge would have made the piece more romantic, but alas, there are no covered bridges in Morgan County, West Virginia that I know of.  We do have a shitload of one-laners, though!!!

There are one-lane bridges scattered all over this county.  Back in the day, one lane was all that was needed.  Some of these, probably most of them, were constructed in the 1920s and are fairly narrow.  There wasn’t a whole hell of a lot of traffic to contend with, so there wasn’t much need for two-lane bridges unless they crossed rivers with major roads like Route 522 (which is a two-lane road through the county running north-south).  Just so you know, in the whole of Morgan County there are not four-lane roads.

Enjoy the photos, and come see us.

image image image image image image

If some of these happen to show up twice, please forgive me, I am not a good photographer.  In fact, I have a few more pictures, but it was a struggle for me to get these on this page, so I gave up.  This techno shit drives me up a wall.  I should quit this stuff and just be “Eye Candy for the World.”

And that is all I have to say about that ...



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