Hell of a Guy

The Cat and the Dog…


We have a pad we bought for the dog to lay on so maybe, just maybe, she will lay on it rather than spread doggie dirt on the very light tan carpet throughout our home.  Most of the time she prefers to lay on the carpet and it is easy to pick out her favorite spots, but there are times we find her on the pad.

And then there is the cat.  Lisa came to live with us about four years ago; she came with her brother Oliver.  They were the best of friends, always together and often snuggled together. Oliver loved to be outside roaming the fields and exploring every nook and cranny of the old barn just off our property.  Oliver and another animal had an encounter outside one day and Oliver lost. 

Lisa is the typical cat, somewhat aloof and haughty.  I have often heard it said to dogs you are family, to cats you are staff.  In Lisa’s case, it’s true, we are staff.


Stella and Lisa are the best of friends, as evidenced by the photograph.  It makes me wonder why the peoples of the world can’t be this way - Live and let live, the Golden Rule, Let’s all just along?  Why can’t we get along like cats and dogs?

And that is all I have to say about that…

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