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The Declining Middle Class…


I was listening to my favorite weekend morning news show.  The commentators where discussing the “declining middle class,” and of how children of people born in the late 50s and the 1960s that were raised in a “middle class” home cannot afford to live in that same lifestyle today.

One of the examples used by a guy they interviewed was that he is not able to take vacations like his parents were able to provide him and his siblings.  These unfortunates of the woe-is-me generation are being denied this ability by the mean, rapacious upper class.  This is truly a sad situation.  They cannot afford to go to Disney World on vacation.

I wasn’t born in the 50s or the 60s.  One of my children was born in 1967 and does not live at the same level as she was raised, but she is fully aware of why she does not, and I can say unequivocally she, to my knowledge, has never blamed anyone but herself for her situation.

Is the decline of the middle class the fault of anyone?  I think not.  The middle class is being used as puppets to promote a political agenda.  The decline of the middle class has occurred because the middle class wants it all.  Unfortunately we live in different times then our parents, and thank God we do.

When my dad retired in 1967 a male’s life expectancy was something in the neighborhood of sixty-three years.  He was sixty three.  He and my mother lived in a three bedroom, two-story house of not more than 1200 square feet that they had purchased in 1943 for $4500.00.  It had one bathroom.  At one time seven people occupied this little house.  We had one car, one TV, we ate in a restaurant maybe once or twice a year thinking we had died and gone to heaven, and we wore a lot of hand-me-downs.  We ate simple meals at home but never went hungry, and we always ate our supper together as a family, but not before Dad said Grace.  After supper we would gather in the living room and watch TV, which basically means we watched what Dad chose, and his choice was most generally a western of some sort – Gunsmoke, Paladin, Maverick. 

As kids we played outside most of the time, even in cold weather.  When the weather was inclement, we stayed inside and played board games like Monopoly and Parcheesi.  In the summer when school was out we all played outside with friends only coming home to eat or for band aids.  And we loved it.  Back then, we never thought about what class we were in, and, very frankly, we didn’t care.  We did know we were not rich, and we did know we were happy with what we had, and therein lay the difference between us and today’s middle class wannabees.

We all want, as our parents wanted for us, for our children to live at a higher standard than we had.  So these days every household has to have several TV sets, High Definition of course, and most assuredly more than one car.  We cannot live without laptops, Wiis, GPS, iPhones (each kid has to have one), iPods, iPads, apps, Xbox 360s and everyone has to have a college education (whether or not they can learn or are prepared for it).  The simple fact of the matter is, we are a spoiled society and have been since the end of World War II.

We act as though these days being a plumber, a carpenter, and electrician or any job in the trades is not a middle class job.  What we truly need to do is eliminate the class distinctions.  Then it won’t matter.  Still, even if some feel they are not able to enjoy the same lifestyle in which they were raised, we all live a life many people around the world can only dream about.  Our basic problem is that “we want it and we want it now.” 

I am not one of the 1%, but I sure as hell do not feel any obligation to support these malcontent, anarchist, wackjobs occupying the parks in our major cities screaming for a small number of citizens to “pay their fair share” when all the while these people pay nothing at all but suck the lifeblood out of the rest of us…but I digress.

No matter what we do, and Jesus could not do it either, these people will never be pleased, no matter what.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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