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The Dream…


I am not one for remembering dreams I’ve had or, for that matter, even dreaming at all.  Perhaps I don’t remember them because of their benign nature, or I am just not supposed to remember them because they are stupid.

My attitude is upbeat 99.9% of the time.  I am not stressed in any way that I am aware, and not sure if one can even have “subconscious” stress.  Either way, I don’t have it and my dreams, or lack there of, maybe a reflection of it; however, occasionally, once in a very great while, even I, the non-stressed one, will experience a dream of a value significant enough to remember in detail. 

Last night I had one of those dreams.  In it, I was to attend a meeting of some sort, but I don’t think the purpose for the dream was about this meeting.  As I approached the venue for this meeting, and I have no idea of the setting or the reason for the meeting, I took a wrong turn into what I thought was a parking area.  When I realized my error and in an attempt to turn my car around and drive out, my wheels began to spin as if I was on something very wet.  The more I tried to maneuver the car in a direction to get me out of whatever the hell I had gotten myself into, the more the wheels spun wildly.  I wasn’t going anywhere, in fact, I appeared to be sinking.  Actually, as the goop I was stuck in began to rise up to the level of the windows, I was immediately struck with the sense this was not a good thing.  I was in a very serious, life threatening situation…I might even die.

It occurred to me several years ago that no one dies until their purpose for being here is complete, and I firmly believe it is true.  I have no fear of dying because I know I am not in control of it.  My death will eventuate when my reason for being here is accomplished or complete.  At that moment of my demise, my spirit will be instantly reunited with the One Soul, the Soul of the Universal Presence some of us refer to as God, for my spirit is but an individuation of that Soul.

My car continued to sink in the muck.  I watched it completely swallow me as it closed over the car’s sun roof and obliterated the moonlight.  There was no escape, and I knew even if a was able to call 911 on my cell phone, there was no way I could be located and recued before the oxygen inside my car was depleted.  I was doomed.

When the realization hit me that I was about to die I couldn’t do anything but smile.  I was at peace; there was no panic, just an overwhelming feeling of euphoria.  I popped my Michael Hoppe CD in the player and adjusted it to the third cut, “Romance for Violin,” I put my seat back and closed my eyes.  The oxygen in the car was nearly gone, and as the music soothed me into a blissful state of mind, the thought struck me that in very short while I would one with God and this was, without a doubt, The Best Day Ever…

And that is all I have to say about that…

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Heavy stuff Dave.  Well written and thought provoking.  Need to discuss over an IPA or 5 on the deck.

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