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The Embarrassing Question…


There are a number of questions that prove to be embarrassing to the person posing them.  I have seen a commercial on TV of a guy and a lady on an elevator where the guy asks her when she is due, and she relies she is not.  Embarrassing!  How about the one where the young woman says to a guy, “I think you are the father of one of my children?”  He, in turn says, “Cancun?”  She is a nun and the teacher of his daughter.  Embarrassing!  Has it ever happened to you?  This actually happened to me about a year ago and I wrote this shortly after the incident.  I found myself in a situation wherein it was my turn to be forced into asking an embarrassing question.

The Nancy and I were out visiting one of the daughters for a weekend.  We always have enjoyed being in the house with her and the four kids and the cat and the dog and guinea pigs (while they are still alive), a surreal experience.  Actually the goings on in that house fit the picture I conjur in my mind of a mental institution and its inmates.

Crazy crap goes on in that house.  The three boys always seemed to be in a pile in the middle of the floor.  The daughter very rarely appeared from her room, except to demand a ride to another venue.  Her room always looked as if a bomb went off in it.  Actually it would remind you of a dump.  But still, I am embarrassed by the question I had to ask.

During a morning meditation (you get the picture?), I created a mechanical failure of the plumbing kind.  It was, therefore, forced upon me to embarrass myself and have to ask the daughter for a plunger.  I managed to heap more crap on (or in) this house and stop up a toilet.  Having been forced to ask the embarrassing, I had lovely crimson glow about me.

But there are worse things, right?

And that is all I have to say about that…

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