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The Farmer and The Dell…


Could also be entitled: “Dell, Never Again.”

Back in early February of this year I took possession of my new Dell Inspiron 15 laptop. My old Dell Latitude gave up the ghost after just three years, much to my surprise. Even though I thought this just an anomaly, apparently, it was not.

After I had realized my laptop was in a state where the need of a replacement was imminent, and was looking into purchasing a new one, my daughter, who is an Apple gal, told me she had tired of her less expensive laptops failing, one was just some 18 months old when it juiced out, so she invested in an Apple laptop. She said at first the Apple’s operating system took some getting used to, but she managed to do it and now loves it. So, I debated on purchasing an Apple laptop, that is, until I saw the price of one. Ouch!

Living on what was once an old dairy farm, hence “The Farmer” in the title, a laptop or other device of its kind, is a source of amusement. An amusement in the sense the laptop acts as somewhat of an adult pacifier – it certainly can keep this old guy busy doing nothing for hours on end.

As The Nancy and I assume our post-supper positions in “our” chairs to catch up on the TV shows we really have little interest in, other than they help pass the time before we go to bed, we know when the TV is on we don’t feel as though we have to strike up any inane conversation, and the laptop and iPad serve as insurance when a commercial break interrupts the show we are not watching, the devices hold our eye contact and we do not have to shatter the silence with small talk. Perfect.

Anyway, after a lot of back and forth consideration of my daughter’s suggestion I looked seriously into an Apple laptop, but considering the cost difference of about $1000 of Apple versus Dell, I bought another Dell. I am going to attempt to keep this a secret for about another 30 seconds especially from my “I-know-what-is-best-for-you-Dad” daughter who does read my blog, I should have heeded her sage advice. This Dell is not living up to my expectations, and I seriously doubt it will last more than a year.

I have constant issues with my new Dell laptop freezing up with the cursor stuck in one place so that it has to be shutdown manually, or when turning it on it takes forever to boot up, or the screen sometimes just remains black, or programs that suddenly shutdown or disappear. Basically what I am saying in this mea culpa is that this laptop sucks and the purchase of it was a grievous, fundamental error in judgment.

But, being the realist that I hope someday to be and calling a spade a spade, all of this could held to the user of this contraption is an idiot who should not be in the possession of a sophisticated piece of technological innovation, ever. You can choose.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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