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I am currently sitting at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport awaiting to board American’s flight 1003 to Dallas.  The maybe The Best Day Ever, but it is offering some challenges.

I am on my way to my former company’s annual company meeting (formerly called a “sales meeting”).  My former boss has invited me so the company can give me a formal send-off even though I officially retired in November of 2011, or as a friend of mine termed his, “a go away party.”

The Nancy and I were slated to go to this together, but unfortunately she took ill yesterday and has had to bail on me.  I want to go, if for nothing else than to see all my friends for a final goodbye.  These people are my other family.  But I do wish Nancy could be here, I like to show her off.

I was to fly out of Dulles International on another American flight.  It was canceled, and I am very frnkly not surprised.  When I checked in on-line yesterday I noticed there were a very large number of seats to choose from.  This should have immediately brought up a red flag.  The reason for the cancellation was not explained and would not have had I asked, but inasmuch as there is no weather issues in either Dallas or the Washington, DC areas, I have to conjecture the cancelled flight was due to American Airlines not wishing to make an unprofitable flight.  I am due to attend a dinner at 6pm, and American thought it would be fine with me if I missed it so they could make money by putting me on a plane with more people filling their skimpy seats.

All is well, though, I can resume The Best Day Ever; I got a very nice lady within AA’s customer service department who got me on a flight out of BWI with just a minor inconvenience of having added forty miles to my drive (both ways).  So I am off to see Dallas and lots of old friends.  Life is good, though I have to wonder if I should be making this trip given the obstacles.

Aside from the inconvenience I know I will be able to settle down and enjoy my trip, especially after a few beers with my buds.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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