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Living on the Farm has its ups and downs.  These photographs show “ups.”

This first photo is the Farm:

This one is the drive just off the hard surfaced road.  In the dip just beyond the trees is the creek in the placid state:

The old saying goes, “What goes up, must come down,” and so it is with Farm living.  This past Sunday it began to rain in the very early hours.  It rained all night.  About 2AM we had a thunderstorm and some pretty wild weather, east of us in Maryland, that produced a couple of tornados.  Fortunately, all we got was about three or more inches of rain.  I say fortunately, but nonetheless, it left its mark on our surrounding property.

Our house is almost exactly one-half mile off the hard surfaced road.  We have to travel over two concrete bridges that cross a creek that runs into a four-acre pond just off our property.  The bridges dip down near the water so that when the water reaches a certain level it flows over bridges, and doesn’t wash them away when the flow exceeds the ability of the culverts to handle the flow.  Got it so far?  Okay!

Typically the water runs in the creek about six inches deep or so, and the creek is probably not five feet wide in normal times.  Sometimes the water doesn’t run at all and the creek is dry except for a few puddles.  This was definitely not the case on Monday, April 21st.

Just after we got up The Nancy and I could see water cascading down through the yard behind our house and also in front of our house.  Our gravel drive – where we just had some forty-five tons of pea gravel spread a couple of weeks ago – had shallows ruts where the water had taken away both gravel and some of the dirt.  We decided to drive down to the first bridge to see if we could get past the stream.  When it rains a lot the water will pass over the bridges maybe six to ten inches deep; however, it is passable with my Cherokee and our Wrangler.  The Nancy’s car would float away, so it stays in the garage when we get a hard rain.  These photographs will show you what we found.


This one was taken a couple of hours after the one above:

Needless to say, we high-tailed it back to the house.  We checked the bridge situation periodically throughout the morning, and finally were able to cross the bridges, though still scary, at about 2:30 and made it to our offices in Beautiful Downtown Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, population 711. 

The rushing water destroyed the driveway and removed about fifteen of the forty-five tons of gravel.  It left deep gullies and deposited river rocks in many places along the drive – some weighing several pounds.  Water is strong stuff.  This morning the water was finally running under the bridges again, and the cleanup will begin.

Farm living has its ups and downs.  We love our home and will continue to deal with these kinds of nuisances.  It is a minor price to pay to live in Paradise.

And that is all I have to say about that…   

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