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I am presently totally involved in “The Social Animal” by David Brooks, another must read.  It is the story of “how success happens… told through the lives of one composite American couple.”  As I read about the adolescence of Harold, I could not help but take a short nostalgia ride back to my own junior high schools days.  Growing up for me was an easy ride but there were some bumps along the way, nothing horrible, just bumps.

Growing up was not tough for me.  I had loving, though not demonstrative, parents and a good, happy home life.  My parents and four siblings made up what I believe is the typical American family, and we all grew up to be healthy and happy in our own way.

Harold and I are similar in many ways, and while reading about his growth in his formative years, I got to thinking about my own.  It is kind of funny to me how the mind works.  I was doing my daily routine on the treadmill and got totally lost in thoughts about my year in the ninth grade (1958).  Now that was a year I would redo in a heartbeat.  Loved it…well, I love it now, it was totally embarrassing then.

I can only refer to it as the year of the boner, as in erection; I was 15, and apparently going through more than normal hormonal changes that left me unable to control the rise and fall of genitalia, as if we guys ever have control of it.  These erections occurred many times every day that year, mostly at inopportune times, and mostly right before the bell rang ending a class.  These unwanted, untimely products of male adolescence nearly drove me insane.  These inconvenient moments actually forced me to purchase the largest binder I could find that year to use as a shield to disguise the malformation below my beltline as I made my way through the hallways of Hamilton Junior High School to the next class.  Awkward, you bet, but these moments of involuntary stimulation allowed me to hone my skill of blending in a crowd getting as close the middle of a group as I could manage.

I cannot imagine I was alone in this predicament (no pun intended).  Others had to share this bodily awakening as I did.  I wonder if those of the female persuasion had any kind of similar sexual awakening.  If they did, they never let on to it or exhibited it.

Now I don’t want to convey the idea this condition was perpetual.  It was not, though at the time it sure seemed to be.  I made it through the year nearly unscathed and a tad more mature, at least physiologically.  I moved on to high school the next year and the problem was abated, but then it was an all-male high school.  I still had a lot of growing up to do and I am not so sure I ever did.  Now that I am an official senior citizen and getting ever closer to the big 70, and recognizing changes in my bodily behavior patterns, desires and functions, I miss the crap out of the good old days.

I sincerely hope I have not offended anyone with this post.  If you are a guy you probably understand, if a female, oops, now you know.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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Yes, they were called boobs and they never ‘went down’.

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I had sort of forgotten about that dilemma.  Thanks for reminding me about those good old days.

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