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Thoughts on Casey Anthony…


The verdict is in, the case is over and Casey Anthony will soon be set free, but free to what?  Her life is, for the most part, over.  She is a pariah, persona non grata, another OJ.  But, no matter what you and I think about this case, and especially that gorgeous little girl who is gone forever, Casey Anthony was judged by a jury of her peers and found not to be guilty.  The story has a truth, and just suppose it goes this way?

At about age eight Casey’s father begins to indoctrinate her to succumb to his desires.  Maybe he touched her, held her a little too close.  Over time the touching happened more often.  Perhaps he would climb into her bed in the middle of the night for a while, touching her in appropriately.  She’s just eight, and does not know this isn’t normal.  She afraid and says nothing, tells no one.  She hides from the truth, creates her own world, an escape from the reality of her life.  Over time, her older brother sees something, or heard something or is just a chip off the old block, and he begins to touch Casey (he admitted to it in court).  This abuse at the hands of her father and brother goes on for years.  Casey is numb to it, suppresses it, hides it, but does nothing about it.

Casey is able to compartmentalize her life.  Like Sybil (the movie), she created a world outside of the real one, one where she is comfortable to be Casey, and live as she would like to live.

Caylee is Casey’s joy.  She loves her more than anything in this world.  She is a good mom, a wonderful mother (testimony of a number of defense witnesses).

The family has a pool in the backyard of their home.  Caylee loves the pool, but is not allowed to go there unless her mommy, grandmother or grandfather is with her.  Caylee is two now, and getting bigger everyday.  She can open the door leading to the backyard with almost no effort.

On June 16th Casey and her father are at home.  Both are busy doing something while thinking the other is with Caylee.  Caylee has gone out the door to the pool and climbs down the ladder.  She cannot swim. 

Casey’s father finds Caylee floating in the pool.  There is no heart beat, no pulse.  Caylee is gone, he is devastated.  He finds Casey and begins to rant and rave about how this is all her fault.  He berates her, and tells Casey her mother will never forgive her for this, that she will probably end up in jail for negligence.  How could she allow this to happen?  But he loves his daughter and he comes up with an idea to save her butt.  They will hide the body so Casey’s mother thinks someone has taken Caylee.

Casey’s dad wraps the baby’s body up in plastic and places duct tape over Caylee’s mouth to keep it closed.  He puts the body in Casey’s car’s truck.

Casey is beyond consolation.  She stuffs this whole sequence of events the way she has the sexual abuse, and goes about her life.  She makes excuses as to why Caylee is not seen – Caylee is with her nanny.  Casey goes about her life, the “Bella Vita” putting out of her mind Caylee’s little body is in the trunk of her car.

Enter Jose Baez: his job is to convince the jury there are extenuating circumstances in the death of this precious child.  His best bet is a hung jury.  In his opening remarks he relates a story similar to mine, but shorter.  His whole case is to attack the other side’s claims and “so called” evidence.  The Prosecution is short on hard evidence and builds its case on “fantasy forensics.”  They lose, Baez wins.

I watched as much of the trial as I could.  I listen to the news of it, and often while in the car listened to the live testimony.  George Anthony came across to me as a liar from the very first time I saw him.  Casey’s brother, a wack job.  Her mother is a horse of a different color.  The whole family could be the poster children for the perfect dysfunctional family.

As the jury got instructions from the judge I told my wife if I were part of that jury, though I believe Casey is guilty as hell, and based on what I had seen and heard, I could not have voted her as guilty. 

There is much more to this story than ever came out in court.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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