Hell of a Guy

Three Guys and a Conundrum…


Early one beautiful spring morning four guys entered a coffee shop – a Baptist preacher, a Methodist minister, a Catholic priest and a slightly pudgy, balding, retired guy.  They get coffee and take their seats, the men of the cloth at one table, the old guy at another.  The three begin a conversation the old man is privy to because his table is just a few feet away.  It is obvious the three are conflicted.  The conversation is about gay marriage.  The conflict is between head and heart, between conscience and belief and right and wrong.

The three believe in the sanctity of the Bible, and they all believe it is written in the Bible homosexuality is wrong.  Two of these guys appear to be in their late forties while the third has indicated he is approaching his sixty-fifth birthday.  Up until a few years ago this whole issue of gay marriage was never discussed, ever, it just did not come up, but this is today.  In their discussion it is obvious they are of the opinion homosexuality is not a choice but a condition of birth.  And while some would say “it can be cured,” these three know that one’s sexual preference is in the fabric that is the soul and not a choice one gets to make.  It only adds to the issue.

The conundrum is what to do if same-sex couples in their congregations should want these guys to marry them?  And this is the gist of their conversation, their conflict.  They know some of the older of their parishioners would be less that tolerant of it.  Their discussion is centered on how to balance tradition and the new awareness, the new reality.

My own feeling on this is that marriage, traditional marriage, is one man and one woman, but my feelings on this are much like mine on abortion, which I am against; however, I am not about to interfere with a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, nor would I do anything to stop a loving couple from joining in marriage.  I think these three gentlemen may have similar feelings with regard to gay marriage, but I don’t believe any would agree with mine on abortion.

As this old man finished his coffee and packed up his laptop and stuff, the conversation on gay marriage droned on never coming to any conclusion I could discern.  I suppose it will continue for some time to come, as will the conflict.  I also suppose this kind of conversation happens often when clergy get together. 
I am glad my mother did not get her wish.  She wanted me to be a preacher.  I chose sales…better money, less issues.

And that is all I have to say about that…       

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