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Seems as if I have neglected this website.  Believe me, I have not meant to do so, it’s just circumstances.  I, believe it or not, have been super busy with stuff - family matters, The Nancy matters and my matters. 

The last I posted was of my prep for a colonoscopy.  It went well, and I need not go back for another until 2017, which at this juncture sounds like eons in the future, but as with this last one, I know will be here before I finish writing - or so it will seem.

Today, as we have been for the last couple of days, we are embroiled in family stuff.  The Nancy’s dad is in the hospital here in Morgantown, WV awaiting a decision to perform a heart bypass surgery or the decision he is too old at 85 to risk it.  Either way, it presents issues.  At the very same time, The Nancy’s brother is in a hospital about 200 miles away recovering from the same surgical procedure, and quite well, at that.  We are doing a lot of bedside sitting, and it makes for very long days, but this is family and it’s what families do.

Some miscellaneous: The weather here sucks: The Nancy’s job is suffering: Our cat hates us for leaving her alone in the house for six days last week, and thus far this week, three: And if that isn’t enough, Denver blew it. 

The Nancy only has 146 until her retirement.  Now that means a couple of things - for one, my daily routine will irrevocably change, and for two, my daily routine will irrevocably change forever and ever.

Still, this is The Best Day Ever, and that, simply, will not change.

And that is all if have to say about that…

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thanks for putting your time and sharing your thoughts

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