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To Jeans or Not to Jeans…


And it wasn’t a question.

The Nancy and I are in Boston to attend the annual conference of the Association of School Business Officials International.  Not real sure, but this one may be the 25th one I have attended and The Nancy may have a dozen or more under her belt.

Traveling, both business and personal, is something I have done since the early 70’s.  It’s almost second nature to me to prepare for travel.  Many years ago I learned it was best for me to lay out my outfits with the selection of them determined by the trip’s purpose.  Since this particular excursion is business in nature (a part time gig with my former employer) I laid out clothes I will wear while I am working the booth – suit, shirts, ties, belts, t-shirts, underwear, socks and shoes.  Then I made up another group of casual clothing for when I am not on duty.  Having completed my routine, I packed my suitcase…or so I thought.  Upon arriving at the hotel and upon opening my suit case I suddenly realized I was in Boston but my jeans were not.  Details, details, details, this is an omission easily corrected.  Boston has commercial operations that offer for sale, as part of massive inventories of clothing, jeans.  Problem averted.

As luck would have it there is a mall connected to this Sheraton hotel, and I need not even go outside to access it.  After lunch yesterday The Nancy and I perused a directory map of the mall.  We discovered just around a corner from where we stood was a Sax Fifth Avenue and around another but a tad further away stood a Lord and Taylor – both very obviously upscale so I knew I would pay a premium for a pair of jeans, and I really hoped to score two pair.  “Hold on there, Zoo Breath.”

We went into the Sax store first.  I knew I was in deep do-do when The Nancy picked up a camouflage faux-fur vest with a price tag of $995.00.  That was a laugher, but then we sauntered over to the men’s clothing section.  I found some jeans, just everyday looking jeans to me, and nearly passed out when I saw the $230.00 price tag.  The least expensive pair I found there was $169.00. Gasp, gasp, choke, choke!

I have done some really stupid crap in my near 70 orbits of the sun, but one of them was not to spend $230.00 for a pair of $40.00 denim pants…and to boot, they buttoned up the front.  They didn’t even have a zipper.  Now for some younger dudes buttons may not be an issue, but at my age when the urge strikes one better prepare in a hurry for the onset of a “leak in the dike” (spelling is correct). 

Eventually, I did find a pair of jeans at the Lord and Taylor store, but still paid twice as much as I think jeans are worth ($88.00 on sale, which may be looked at as the price of stupidity); and the bad part is I think these may have been previously owned by some guy named Tommy Bahama.

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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