Hell of a Guy

Two Things - 1 & 2…


#1 Not long ago I saw a small group of people standing on the side of the road as I approached the cleaners in Berkeley Springs.  The people were looking at something.  It was a man sprawled out flat on the ground.  He seemed to be disoriented.  No one was assisting him, just staring at him from a distance.  A lady who works at the cleaner’s shop just on the other side of the road told me she had just spoken with him and he seemed fine.  “Fine” was not what he was.  I assume we all may have thought him to be drunk at 11:30 in the morning, mostly because of the two six-packs in bags near his prone body. I would have thought more in this direction had this lady not said what she said.

I asked if anyone called 911, and no one had.  I saw a shop owner just outside the door of her store and asked if she would make the call so I could check him out.  The man was totally out of it, but did not smell of alcohol.  I walked back across the street and asked the lady if she had made the call.  She had not, so I did, guessing she had not because she did not wish to be involved.  A week or so after this I found out the man had had a cerebral hemorrhage and passed away.  Could he have been saved?  Who knows?

I have no idea how long he lay there before I made the 911 call, but I couldn’t believe those standing there had not sought help for this poor soul.  What have we become?

Moral:  Take action when action is all it takes.

#2 Saw this on the news the other day.  An 11-year old boy dying of leukemia, bed ridden, having exhausted all treatments has a wish.  It seems he saw some homeless people living on the street and was worried they did not have enough to eat.  His mother said throughout his illness he has never complained.  Knowing he will not live much longer, he wanted to feed these people, and because of his wish others got involved and set up a means to feed the homeless in this town.  It got done because a very unselfish, dying boy took action.

Moral: Take action when action is all it takes.

And that is all I have to say about that… 

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