Hell of a Guy

Up or Down


I have an office in a small building in Beautiful Downtown Berkeley Springs, WV (aka Town of Bath), population 711.  The primary tenet/owner is an attorney.  The other tenets include a lady using one office on the second floor and another rented by a very handsome, somewhat older, pudgy, balding guy…also known as a “Hell of a Guy.”  The building, just to create a mental picture for you, is a former residence and probably about eighty- to ninety-years old.  Its condition borders on “soon-to-be-condemned” to “a-good-wind-will-blow-it-away.”  Three to four hundred thousand dollars in improvements might bring it up to a condition of something worth looking at.  Trust me; it isn’t pretty, but it suits my purpose.  The second floor of this less than palatial edifice has four offices (formerly bedrooms) and a bath – technically called a “restroom” in an office building.  Only two of the offices are occupied.  No other business person in his or her right mind would rent space in this dump, but, again, it serves my purpose.

Most of the time the only people who use the unisex “restroom” on this floor are the lady tenet and me, and with that bit of information, herein lay the issue.

All of my adult life it has been my rule – and I am the king – to put the lid, not just the seat, on the toilet in the down position.  I opine that if the damn thing has a lid, it must have been put there for a reason, and the reason is for it to be down.  My floor mate must have been raised otherwise.  She never puts the lid down.  I always put it down.

Occasionally I hear her office door open and hear the “restroom” door close.  The walls in this building are not very soundproof.  Sound carries.  I hear her having to lift the lid, and the nefarious side of me loves to hear the little thump it makes as the lid strikes the water closet.  Thump!  Smile.

I believe she plays the game with me in reverse.  I bet she chuckles to herself each time she hears me shut that door, because she knows the lid is up.  She knows I hate it, and I do I hate it.  Put the damn lid down!!!

And that is all I have to say about that…

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Be cautioned when druken one could and has sat on the water closet ...lid down…. and number oned on the floor and flank parts… Not to bad ..weather permitting

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Next time throw her a curve, just for the hell of it leave the lid and seat up for her. Who is laughing now?!

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