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Valentine’s Day



I tend to be somewhat sentimental on Valentine’s Day…okay!  Well, I tend to be a great deal sentimental and a little emotional, especially when it comes to The Nancy.  Today there was a moment where this hit me right between the eyes.

One of the things The Nancy and I love to do on Sunday mornings is watch the TV show on CBS named, ironically enough, “Sunday Morning.”  We like to watch it as we enjoy a late Sunday morning breakfast.  The late breakfast because Sunday is The Nancy’s day to sleep in and I dare not attempt to awaken her before the appropriate time set before she goes to bed Saturday night.  I received my instructions last night not to awaken her prior to 9am, and that is when I gently, lovingly awakened her this morning. 

The theme for “Sunday Morning” was all things Valentine.  One of the segments featured the critically acclaimed movie “Crazy Heart” starring Jeff Bridges.  Something he said this morning caused me a huge emotional, somewhat tearful moment of joy.  Bridges said something about his wife that got me to thinking romantically, and thinking of anything romantic, especially about The Nancy, gets to me.

Jeff Bridges and his wife have been married for thirty-three years.  In this film he has to act out being in love with his female co-star.  It was this thing he said about his on-screen relationship with the female character that hit me and got me all glassy-eyed.  When he had to do a romantic scene all he had to do was think about how much he loved his wife and the scene would take care of itself.  It sparked a thought. 

As he spoke it crossed my mind of just how many women are on this planet that I love.  I am not so sure there is enough memory in this laptop for me to name them all.  If I counted them beginning with my mother and my daughters, my first wife who I have never stopped loving, and all of the fantastic women who play and have played a part in my life, I don’t think I could name them all.  The list is just that long, but there is someone in my life who simply is my life, and that is The Nancy, my Nancy.  I cannot help but love this woman.  She is the all of the all to me.  There are times when I look at her I am overwhelmed with her beauty and at a loss for words, tears immediately fill my eyes. When she catches me in that moment, she signals the love right back at me without saying a word.  We just know, and that ain’t bad.  This morning presented one of those moments and it was wonderful and made my day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

And that is all I have to say about that…

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David and Nancy,

Just wanted to say “Hi” finally. 
My girl friend Penny and myself met you at Union Jacks several weeks ago.  We really enjoyed meeting you and Nancy. 

After reading your page and the sweet way you treat your wife, how thoughtful you are to her and for her…makes me have hope that one day I’ll be in a happy relationship as well! Just like yours!...and You really are One-hell-of-a-guy!

If you get out this way I or we would love to meet you for a drink or lunch or something.  The offer is open should you not want to drive back the same night, I have a lovely guestroom if you don’t mind one very needy but sweet black lab!

Hope to see you soon!  Julie (410)-978-6840

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