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What have we done to our Children…


Not Long ago The Nancy and I were sitting in our regular seats at the bar in our favorite local restaurant when the phone at the bar rang.  The owner who just happened to be there talking with us answered it.  I heard her exclaim, “You are three hours late for work and you are just now calling to let us know?”  This 19-year old man was thirty eight miles away on “family business,” or so he said.  This lackadaisical view might be proof we have not provided a proper upbringing for youth. 

We have totally failed our younger generations – notice the plural.  These days, and many of the preceding ones, we have taken “failure” out of the lives of our children. We have created a bunch of takers.  We are the cause of this apparent culture of entitlement, this expected right to be cared for, this don’t-say-no-it-might-damage-ones-self-esteem crap.  T-ball, as an example: every kid on the team gets a trophy.  Why?  In school, kids are not allowed to fail a grade, they are held back.  Failure is not an option these days, everyone has to win.  Bullshit!

When I was kid it was more than apparent I lacked athleticism…when it came to sports, I sucked.  I had a tryout for a little league team and didn’t make, but learned lived with my failure.  In high school I went out for football as a freshman, I did not make the team, but I lived through the disappointment.  Three times in my life I got fired (I would like to see without cause…but).  I sold real estate, not very successfully, and for seven years and heard “no” a lot (I sucked at it, too).  Throughout my life I have heard that word many times, and I have had to deal with it.  It made me stronger.

Kids today cannot take or deal with disappointment, and it is truly sad.  I remember about ten years ago at a mall with the grandkids we stopped at a book store and bought each one a book they had to have, letting them know the books were all they get.  A bit later in another store the four-year old saw a toy gun (that he called a “dun”) and asked to buy it.  I said no and hysterics took over.  This kid screamed and kicked and had to be literally dragged out of the store.  As he continued kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs, and as people looked at me like I was kidnapping him, I carried to the car where he continued to sob and didn’t clam down for at least thirty minutes.  Ten years later, he hasn’t changed a whole lot, and still does not know the meaning of the word “no.”  He doesn’t understand this life is not a free lunch, a free ride.  My parents were not abusive, but they didn’t spare the rod, either.  These days, kids have rights (more bullshit) and know it.  What most of them need is remedial training in negative responses…and not a crash course.  When we say no, we need to mean no, and therein lay the problem.

If you threaten children with “Don’t make me pull off this road?”  Mean it.  And if the kid continues, pull off the side of the road.  Slip the youngsters pants down around his knees and give him two or three cracks on his ass with your hand.  If someone says something to you, just tell them you were showing him how clapping sounds using his ass to make the point.

And that is all I have to say about that…

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