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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Her Majesty…


It has been said, “To dogs you are family; to cats merely staff.”  Also often said, “Veritas vos liberabit” (The truth will set you free).  There is a correlation here.  We have a cat, or, perhaps, the cat has us.

Lisa and her sibling Oliver came to live with us nine years ago when we were hoodwinked into accepting them by a granddaughter.  Just a few weeks before the arrival of the felines, a canine moved in with us, too.  Note: I was not a pet person…at the time.  Poor Oliver didn’t make it that long with us.  He was a wanderer, loved making short trips into the surrounding fields, and very apparently ran into something greater than himself.  We were left with Lisa and Stella.  The difference between a cat and a dog became evident in short order.

If I spoke her name, Stella would turn and look at me.  If I speak to the cat by any name, I am totally ignored.  If I asked Stella if she needed to go outside, her tail would wag and she would jump up and walk toward the door.  The cat, on the other hand, goes to the door and meows.  If I go open the door, she sits and stares at it.  I have to move away from it to another room until she decides the moment is right to go out of it. She rarely goes out the door if I wait for her to do so.

When we came home at night, Stella was at the door awaiting our entrance.  When we opened the door she moved to greet us.  The cat is at the door when we get home, as well, but, unlike the dog, as we enter she turns her back to us and walks away, I suppose to register her disapproval of our leaving her in the first place, or so it seems.

Cats do display a degree of self-sufficiency dogs do not have.  We have a self-feeder for Lisa and a rather large litter box in our basement.  If there is a good advantage of a cat ownership over a dog ownership, it is the mere fact we can leave the cat here for a few days when we travel.  Never could have been away more than eight or ten hours with the dog.  However, cats are very demanding (annoying may be a better descriptor).  Lisa will sit by her water bowl and meow until she gets fresh water.  This happens several times each day.  She does the same thing when she wants to go the second floor of our home so she can sleep on a bed up there, or just re-coat the spreads with cat hair that we just cleaned.  She will sit at the door the second floor and meow very loudly until one of us opens it for her to go up.  She can be as annoying as a mother-in-law. 

Not being a pet person, I could easily do without dogs or cats, but I have admit, now that Stella is gone and the damn cat is all the company I have when The Nancy is out of the house, it is nice to have Lisa to talk to so it does not appear I am talking to myself all day long, even if she is as demanding as the other female occupant.

And that is all I have to say about that…