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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Is There A Place Between…


Watching my mother-in-law as she lay in a bed near death; she is at peace and not in any pain. 

Since a week ago today, having suffered a stroke, she has rarely opened her eyes, and responds to questions with one-syllable words – “Yeah” and “No.”  I know she is aware of the presence of people in her room.  I know she hears the conversations as we gather about her, but she is only half here.  The rest of her is somewhere else.

Is there a place in between life and death?  A place where one can see the Face of God in the distance?  We have all read or heard of accounts of people near death seeing a bright light or being drawn to a bright light.  Could this be what Kate is seeing?  Is she being drawn to it?  When will she give in?  Is she between here and there?  Is she with her parents, her departed brothers and sister, maybe other family and friends, too?  I so wish she could tell me.

I have thought about asking her where she is and what she sees. I am curious, I really want to know, but I know she cannot tell me, so I get to imagine it.  Near death experiences are often storied with the dying person’s spirit hovering over their own body seeing all and hearing all just moments away from one side or the other.  Do we get to choose? 

Neale Donald Walsch says we all come into this world with a purpose, and when that purpose in complete our spirits return to the Soul of the Universe, the One Soul, the Soul of God.  I like that explanation, it brings me comfort.

Kate’s time will come, and I still will only get to guess what is that dimension between what we call life and death.

And that is all I have to say about that…