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Thursday, December 13, 2012

My New Gadget…


I’m using my new gadget to write this. A couple of weeks ago I saw a TV commercial for this, so I bought it.  It is a software package called “Dragon NaturallySpeaking” and as you are reading this know that I spoke it but did not type it. It is amazing what 90 bucks will get you these days; and only time will tell if this gizmo was worth the money.

I am not a technological giant, so these kinds of innovations, such as being able to speak into a microphone and have your words recorded on a Word document, is a little more than weird to me. Not being a techie, I’m mighty impressed there are people out there who can come up with this kind of an innovation.  While I have some computer skills, mine are of the most basic variety. Yeah, I can write stuff using my fingers on the keys of this here computerized thing, but talking to a gadget that is strapped over my ears just blows my mind, especially as the words appear on my computer screen. It is really too cool!

So here I sit talking out loud to myself as my words magically appear on my computer screen, causing the cat laying at my feet to look up at me once a while as if I’m crazy, knowing that she knows full well I really am crazy because I generally talk at her all day long anyway. Cats are smarter than we think they are.

My good friend, Dale Harris, from Albuquerque New Mexico recommended that I read the book “The Mobile Wave” by Michael Saylor.  This book is about how mobile intelligence will change everything, and I think it certainly will and already has. I’m not sure I am smart enough to keep up with all of the new technology that seems to surface almost every single day. In any event, I will do my very best to keep up with the ever-changing technology that effects me, even if it drives me more crazy than the cat already thinks I am.

So, as you read this and are probably bored out of your skulls, I will sign off for now and continue to play with this on my own.  Thanks for going this far.
And that is all I have to say about that…