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Monday, November 26, 2012

One Year as a Senior Citizen Living on a Fixed Income…


November 19, 2011 was my last day as a full-time employee.  I am retired, and I have to admit it was easier to settle into retirement then I ever imagined.  At first I wasn’t too sure I had made the right decision, but as time went by, and I got used to not having to do anything – no reports, no conference calls, no business emails or phone calls, this retirement thing has proven to be more than okay.  Life is pretty good for this senior! 

So, one might ask, “What have you done with your year?”  And my answer remains the same, “Whatever the hell I wanted to do.”  My dad, and many others, said he had so much to do after he retired that he didn’t know how he ever found time to go to work.  I do not feel that way and never have.  I have exactly the right amount of stuff to do, and if I feel like doing nothing, then nothing is exactly what I do. Yeah me!

Many days last December I sat in the chair where my butt is firmly planted at this very moment wondering what I might do.  One time I got a legal pad and a pen to begin a Bucket List.  I neatly printed “Bucket List” in bold letters across the top of the page, and in the left hand margin I placed a “1.” and began to contemplate what might go on my list.  I did not get too far.  Every once in a while I go list my list to review it.  I take out the pad with “Bucket List” neatly printed in bold letters across the top of the page and make note that nothing is written to the right of number 1.  I have never been a list maker, but I am an expert at procrastination.  In fact, I am so good at it that thus far I have been able to delay my own funeral through my mastery of the art of procrastination.  Believe me, it is finely honed. 

I can tell you one thing; retirement has had a deleterious effect on my waistline.  Nearly every Friday for the past four or five years, The Nancy and I have mounted the scale and weighed ourselves and recorded the result.  Lately as I climb aboard it, it moans…well, maybe it just squeaks.  I have added about an inch to my waistline and a good twelve pounds of blubber to my abdominal area.  The sad news in this is that my suits and dress shirts are getting tighter.  The good news is I don’t wear them very often these days, nor do I miss them.  A diet may be (will be) in my future (immediate future), but I am putting it off.

As with most of my retired friends, I don’t really miss working, but I do miss the people.  It is very quiet around this old house during the day; that is probably the main reason the cat and I have grown closer.  She looks at me weirdly as I talk to her, as if she really knows I am only talking to myself for something to do.

Maybe that is what I should write down as number “1”?

And that is all I have to say about that…