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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Time…


Seems as if I just did this about a week or so ago, but as Tempus Fugit would have it, another Thanksgiving is upon us.  It also just seems like yesterday I was agonizing over jeans in Boston (my last post).  Time really does fly and the older I get the faster the earth spins; the days and the weeks run together.

Lately I have read posts by people on Facebook telling what they are thankful this year.  Mostly what you would expect – family, friends, health and just being alive.  I have enjoyed reading them.  Thursday is the day we all, believers and non-believers, should really look up or look within and say thanks.

Me, I have had an excellent year, this being my 70th Thanksgiving on good old planet #3 from the sun.  I won’t attempt to speak for The Nancy, hers has been a little tough, though deep down I know she still believes in the “Best Day Ever” concept (just declare it so).  It is said life is a journey not a destination, and I am on and have been on a most extraordinary journey for 69 years.  As Martin Luther King said “…I have been to the mountain top,” and I believe I have seen the promise land.  Actually, I have created my promise land and I live in it.

So as I sit here in my favorite chair in my favorite room in this big old house, as The Nancy snores away in the bedroom, I must document that I am thankful for everything; for every moment of every gorgeous day I get to spend inhaling and exhaling; for every sunrise and every sunset I get to witness; for my wife who does more for me than she will ever realize, and our combined family of three girls and six grandchildren; for my brothers who I rarely get to see but love very much; for my in-law family who treat me as a blood member of their family; my ex who shared many years with me even though I was a dick; for all the aches and pains I get to enjoy;  and, last but not least, for just getting to be able to look in the mirror each morning and say to myself “I love you.”

Happy Thanksgiving! 

And that is all I have to say about that…