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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The End of One Season, the Beginning of Another…


Saturday, November 30, 2013.  This day, as my title indicates, is the end of one season, West Virginia University’s 2013 very disappointing football season, and today is sort of the semi-official beginning of the 2013 Christmas and Holiday season.  Today is not one I am overly excited to begin and so look forward to its end.

The Nancy and I have not missed a WVU home game in three years.  She, as I have mentioned a dozen or so times in the past, is a WVU football fanatic.  The woman is a nut for all things football – any game at any time; me, not so much.  This evening is case and point.

At 3:30pm this afternoon The Nancy and I will assume a seated position in section 221, row 11, seats 104 and 105 at Milan Puskar Stadium on the campus of the West Virginia University. So far, so good, right?  The Nancy will exhibit her usual football demeanor.  As the WVU band enters the stadium, The Nancy in near tearful mode will begin to smile and clap and yell; me, not so much.  About 20 minutes after the band opens the festivities, the football team, now at 4 and 7, will run onto the battlefield and the crowd will be moved to a frenzy level.  High-fives will be the dominant gesture executed by the stadium’s populace, and I will join in.  I will join in the antics mainly to be moving.  I will do most anything to generate some bodily friction.  Friction produces heat and I will need heat.
I am not in any capacity a cold weather kind of guy.  I detest cold weather, I hate winter.  I believe snow is a product produced by the devil merely to aggravate human beings, and this homo sapien hates it as much as he does any day with temperatures below 70 degrees.  Today is one of those days.  Today the high, which it is to reach at about 2pm, will only be an Artic 45.  At about 2pm today the temperature will begin to drop at a rate that exceeds warp speed.  Kickoff time will be in the upper 30’s, halftime the lower 30’s and at games end I will probably head to the university’s hospital to get an appraisal of the extent of my frostbite.  All the while this wacko wife of mine will be hooping and hollering until she has no voice and asking me if it’s “warm in here or is it just me?”  But I signed on for this when I said “I do,” and have really no excuse to whine.  I just pray I will survive the ordeal one more time.

Should you happen to see something on the national news about a guy found frozen solid at the end of a football game in Morgantown, West Virginia on November 30, 2013, please know I had a good life and the only two items on my very short bucket list I did not get to check off was a move to Florida or celebrating Christmas 2013.

And that is all I have to say about that…