Hell of a Guy
If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough. - Mario Andretti

Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Ice Man Cometh…


Yesterday afternoon as I sat shivering in the Milan Puskar stadium on the campus of West Virginia University, watching my favorite college football team give the game win away by silly mistakes, my mind began to wonder a bit.  My rapidly atrophying medulla oblongata conjured up the memory of just how much I totally detest cold weather.  The additional fact added in of a heavy mist was falling, making the 40 degree air all the more bone chilling, did not make the experience any more enjoyable; however, my disdain of all things winter was exponentially reinforced . 

One of the first thoughts I generally have on cold weather days is just how easily The Nancy and I could be situated in a nicely furnished condo in Florida, or some other warmer locale…but no.  I cannot make the woman I live with see the light, or instill the desire in her to escape the freezer that approaches.

This morning finds me at a Starbucks in Bridgeport, West Virginia.  I am gazing out windows at a sky full of very gray, angry looking clouds and a temperature at 7am of a mere 32 disgustingly frosty degrees. If I close my eyes I can imagine a happy lifestyle greeting me every day with white sandy beaches, palm trees and old guys (like me) wearing plaid shorts, a striped shirt, black socks and flip flops, but most of all, warmth.  Oh, how I long to be there!

And that is all I have to say about that…