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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Pain of the Day…


What you are about to read will sound to you as if I am complaining.  I really am not; this is merely an observation of my present state of fitness   Oh, and by the way, it sucks.

At this very moment I am sitting in my favorite chair in my favorite room doing one of my favorite things – writing bullshit.  I sometimes think I am much better at BS than the more serious topics.  The serious stuff gets my emotions going and I often miss the point I initially had hope to make.  Hence, bullshit is easy.

I ache!  I have more pains these days than I can count.  Each day seems to bring on another and is added to the numerous layers of aches and pains of days past.  I think the first aggravating pain I suffered came on back in the late 70’s.  Back pain, and it has been with me ever since then.  All I need do is any kind of lifting or stand for long periods of time and my back aches.  Muscle aches come and go depending on the type of work I am doing, but are to be expected to bother anyone who does manual labor.  These aches are becoming more common than not, it just doesn’t seem to take much to make me sore all over these days.

Lately, though, these aches and pains have spread, I suppose it too is a consequence of aging and I am beginning to hate it.  Both my knees seem to be weakening and I find myself pondering knee replacement surgery (Ouch!) at some point down the road.  My left knee aches at night and the pain often wakes me and causes me to assume a partial fetal position to gain relief.  I don’t think I sleep well but maybe I just don’t believe I sleep well when I really do sleep well.  It’s all bullshit.

This morning I awoke with a pain and thought I might have pulled a muscle in my back, but the pain seems to be emanating from my left kidney (this is what old people do) and so my mind is going nuts thinking about all the causes of this kind of ache.

I am going to see an ophthalmologist tomorrow because of a periodic pain I get in my right eye.  An optometrist I saw gave me a simple explanation; however, I want to hear a complicated, this-is-serious, explanation.  It is the kind of guy I truly am. 

A shooting pain just shot across the top of my head.  What can that be?

So, folks, I am seeking answers to these perplexing issues with my body.  What the hell is going on?  Is all of this happening so I have something to talk about with my rapidly aging family and friends?  Does this happen so we geezers can have conversations and make comparisons with our buds?  Whatever!

Okay, here’s the good stuff.  I am loving life.  I am loving getting older even with all that comes with it.  The world is changing so fast I sometimes think it is slowly leaving me behind, and I suppose that is exactly how it is to unfold.  I don’t mind it all.  Today is The Best Day Ever, and I am going to live it just that way even if my ass falls off.

And that is all I have to say about that…